You aim for one moonshot,
ACYC grabs them all.

All Coins Yield Capital ($ACYC) is a FaaS (farming-as-a-service) platform which uses algorithmic trading protocols to farm Layer-2 chains and invests in new small-cap assets on EVM chains, as well as other risk adjusted strategies to build capital in all market conditions.

Simple, Unique, Powerful

Tokenomics Overview

Each $ACYC token represents a share in the profits of All Coins Yield Capital. ACYC uses proprietary trading algorithms, and other risk-adjusted trading strategies, to give itself an edge on the market and enter specifically timed positions across the market, whether yield farming on Layer 2 chains or investing in small-cap assets on EVM chains. It then redistributes profits to every holder - pioneering FaaS (Farming as a service).

10 %
Buy Tax

10% of each buy is auto-reflected to reward all $ACYC holders without any staking
or claiming.


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1T) ACYC
Initial Liquidity: (~60B ACYC, ~200 WETH) (Locked on Unicrypt)

10 %
Sell Tax

10% of each sell is currently being split between rewarding our holders & funding our treasury.

Market Cap
Days Old

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